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"Lindsay was so helpful! Even though this is my 2nd baby (and 2nd likely tongue tied baby) she still helped me with a ton of things. Super professional and kind! Thank you so much!"

Alyssa C.

"Lindsay has been a light at an end of a long tunnel. My baby has struggled with an unnatural "suck-swallow-breathe" pattern. Lindsay has been a big piece of the puzzle helping him and I learn how to transition from NG tube feedings back to bottle and even breastfeeding. Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge and skills not all lactation consultants have!"

Andrea S.

"Lindsay was extremely helpful and knowledgeable!! She helped with my baby’s bottle refusal which was a stressful time for me since it was around the holidays and other lactation consultants didn’t even get back to us and I was starting work again. She also helped me with pumping for getting ready to go back to work. Her help made me feel more ready to go back and know that my baby would be fed while at daycare!"

Ceira O.

"Lindsay is a miracle worker! She was so incredibly nice and so very very helpful. She saved my breastfeeding journey. She helped with my baby's latch, identified his posterial tongue tie, and helped with his torticollis. I could not recommend her enough!"

Jaci J.

"You were absolutely fantastic and so helpful! Thank you for being available to me by phone even after our initial appointment and helping me with my son’s latch! I truly wouldn’t have gotten the hang of it without you!"

Kylie J.

"So grateful to Nestled 'N' Nursing for helping me find the perfect flange fit for my new pump. If you don't know, flange fit makes a huuuuge difference!"

Moriah B.

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